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The CHOOSE Act Lights up the Alabama State House

Alabama CHOOSE Act The House chamber auditorium was packed with teachers and other interested parties as debate on HB129 The CHOOSE ACT began. It became clear that the Democrats are not in support of the CHOOSE Act, as the discussions (filibustering) began even before the debate on HB129 began, as Democrat after Democrat attempted to... Continue reading


Africa Nigeria Vassilios Damiras, Ph.D. International Relations Expert US national security interests in Africa include the following steps: Preventing adversaries from using Africa as a base to launch attacks or evade sanctions and ensuring access to strategic minerals and economic markets crucial to US supply chains. Working with partners to manage potentially destabilizing migration flows to... Continue reading

Transition from an Authoritarian Regime to a Democratic Regime

Vassilios Damiras, Ph.D. International Relations Expert   The transition from an authoritarian regime to democracy occurred when opposition political groups took the lead in bringing about democracy, the dictatorial regime collapsed, or the democratic forces overthrew the authoritarian regime. The argument above is Samuel Huntington’s term, equivalent to Juan J. Linz’s rupture. It is said... Continue reading

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