This guy walked 9000 Km just to perform Hajj !!

Hajj 2017

We all know that many muslims are blessed to do HAjj this year but the story of this guy is totally different than the others . If you want to do hajj its so simple just get a Visa, buy a ticket and then it just started but this guy is just amazing and he just reached makkah just by Walking . Yes it is so strange that a guy can reach makkah just by walking but this guy is blessed and is in makkah now …

28-year-old Mochammad Khamim Setiawan has arrived in Makkah just in time for Hajj after walking 9,000km from Indonesia. He set off from his hometown in Central Java on 28th August 2016 and the journey took him a year to complete.

His journey took him through:
Indonesia,  Malaysia,  Thailand,  Myanmar (Burma),  India,   Pakistan,  Oman,  UAE and finally Saudi Masha-ALLAH this is the perfect example of true love with Allah. Just imagine how lucky he is ..


This can only happen when you are totally determined and sincere with your deen..  And no doubt that Allah gives this chance to his love one’s.. But the main thing is that how much you love your deen . IF you are determined then nothing in this world can stop you to reach your destination. This guy is the perfect example for those who wants to be motivated.. May ALLAH give us the chance to perform Hajj Atleast once in our life .. Ameen


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