Sarahah App exposed !!!

Sarahah app :-

we all know that Sarahah App is now viral but the question was what do they get in return of their app ?? it is explained below by Raffy Baloch who is an Expert Ethical Hacker Of Pakistan.  He also got some prize from Google and many other Platforms

According to Raffy baloch:-

The allegations pertaining Sarahah that it’s stealing contacts as per my analysis happens to be true.

People ask me there are a lot of other applications that steal contacts, yes they do but there is a difference between an assumption vs a fact.

The same model is being applied by applications such as “True Caller” that uses customer’s contact list to improvise it’s database and make money by displaying relevant ads.

There are several applications that appear legitimate and which hide their malicious intentions under such features.

But how else can they offer free services without stealing our privacy?…

so now we all can say that this app is just a risk so in my opinion  we all should avoid from using it because the first thing which we should check before using any app is that :- if your privacy is not in a saved hand then it is not acceptable to use

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