SR 15000 fine for employer if he force you to work and SR 2000 fine if he keeps your passport !!

We all are fully aware that the rate of expatriates living in saudi arabia is very high . The reason is that most of the people from undeveloped countries love to work for Saudi Arabia because they don’t have employment opportunities in their own country , Saudi’s gave employment opportunities to  expatriates because they do jobs for less salary  and they can work more than the saudi’s can do .

If you want to get work permit and visa for Saudi Arabia then all you need is the sponsor who needs you for work and will call you from your country like Pakistan, India , Philippine  .. This sponsor need permission from the Ministry of Labor and he will provide all the documents of the expat . He will give assurance to  the ministry of labor that MAN/WOMAN coming to Saudi Arabia will abide all rules of Saudi Arabia which is set by the government or any other ministry  and he/she will not do any illegal activity  which can harm the country or any other people living nearby.

Rules implemented on sponsors

Those sponsors who are involved in any violation of their Labor law can be blacklisted by the government and they can also put him into Jail ..

however these are the laws :

1 :-  The sponsor who hold passport or documents of employees will be fined 2000 SR per employee .


2 :- If your sponsor has not given the copy of your employment agreement to you  then he will be fined for SR5000 per employee.


3 :- SR 15000 will be  fined  if he force you to that work which is not included in your agreement .


4 :- Fine of  SR 25,000 will be imposed if he violates the safety and health hazards .


5 :- Fine of SR 50,000 will be levied if he sells visa to an expatriate .

Now the main question which all of you want to ask me is that how can we make this all possible ?

ANSWER :-  All you need to do is to file a case against your sponsor  in ministry of labor . if you are not willing to do this then no one can help you .





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  1. Lot of employers here in saudi arabia who hold the passport of the workers specifically my employer aside from that he want to selled me in other employer because of some reasons now where’s the justice here in saudi arabia he dd not follow the rules and regulations…

  2. My agreement is 1800 but he give 1200 for 8mnths and 1500 for 4mnths my sign in phil is cleaner but he push me to work as a salesman and machine operator we go to consulate but not responce my problem i need your help sir thank you

  3. our company always delayed giving our sallary now it almost 20days and expired health insurance and no atm. what would be the better solution for that ?

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  6. I’m doctor working in polyclinic in riyadh.My company didn’t given any proper contract paper,do not informed me about vacation ,delaying in the salary every month that’s why till now i’m awaiting of November salary,if we asked to complain in maktabal amal,then they said no problem u’ll be go to maktabal amal.

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