Relocating a footsteps ahead to accomplish the aim of “No_Expatriates_in_government_sector_by_2020”. Saudi Arabia’s Ministry of Civilian Service stated that Saudis will be exchanged with foreigners in communal sector.
Private sectors should also succeed expat with Saudis in the state of representative in shopping malls,grocery stores and management responsibility in the tourist sector.
Minimum 28000 expat are to be exchanged with Saudi resident by the end of the year 2020 as per the plan of the Ministry, said the Deputy Minister of Civil service reported in Saudi Press Service.

The Ministry of Saudia Arabia in present-day, managing the workshops in the government work places to assign the moderate span to pop out expat from their posts and to permit the inhabitant instead of them.
In the opinion of Deputy Minister of Civil service Abdullah bin Ali Al-Malfi, the most of the government department posts are engaged to non-native(foreigners) in the sectors of Medical profession(healthcare) and high-level education.

Succeeding the statement, King Saud University rejected to resume the accommodation rank of fairly 500 non-Saudi employees.
From inside or outside the Kingdom, Saudia Arabia designed to employ the number of expatriates as contract employee with in the government sector.
In the upcoming days a project known as “WAFED” is going to be introduced with partnership of Ministry of Labour in the kingdom of Saudia Arabia.


Saudi Citizens had assured posts in the government sector to gain or appeal the posts they need, to prove themselves as Saudi.
Some of the government sectors permitted to employ expatriates as specialist and consultant in healthcare and Universities.

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