The nation and society of Saudia Arabia are truly and immensely traditional more than the Western Countries. The Saudia Arabia(Kingdom) handle everything absolutely according to their culture and the teachings of Islam. That’s why it doesn’t allow anybody to do anything,against of their law.

In the Southern part of Jeddah, the Criminal Court has just found two Arab national men and a female collaborator of being regretful for running an operation (Sex industry), known as Brothel. This news was outlined by the restricted Communication.

The Criminal Court of Jeddah has found that the group or prostitution ringleader forced the female companion to become a white slave and then pre-owned her to execute business and to earn money. The Arab men had pressurized her that if she refused or opposed their any desire they will severely hurt her. It was declared in the formal Report.


The Criminal Court of Jeddah has punished the Instigator of the Brothel to a jail for 4 years, 200 lashes as a fleshy punishment and also economic fine of SR 20,000. The Second man or the man who helped,promoted and encouraged the instigator has been punished to a jail for 1 year, an economic fine of SR 10,000 and fleshy punishment of 90 lashes which are to be governed at 10 day stretch.

The Court of Jeddah punished a woman who had been enforced into the prostitution by the two men, to a jail for two and a half year and fleshy punishment of 90 lashes which are to be governed over four distinct span of time.
Saleh-Al-Ghamdi, a lawyer revealed that all those people who have been certainly found ashamed and regretful of misusing other people for their gains should be incarcerated for 15 years and also be forced to pay fine of SR 1 million. All of the progress, made from their Criminal actions should be seized by the authorities in Saudia Arabia.

What happened to poor lady by the two hateful men was truly pitiful,miserable and heartbroken but the law is the same for every person, Judicial law came through and all the accused parties were brought about to Justice.

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  2. Been going on for years and years and years and years. Since everyone is silenced in Saudi Arabia by threats and trumped up charges with no defence we all know best not to say anything.

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