Uber and Careem services are going to be closed by the Sindh Government !!!

UBER and CAREEM have been becoming very popular in the whole world.For the people who don’t own vehicle, it’s an easy and secure way to get a ride. Millions of people have been taking benefit from it..

CAREEM and UBER are among those amazing,speedy and secure services which are beneficial for both, the driver and the people are using this service. By using this service, people can reach on their desired destination on the time without any difficulty.

But Alas! The riding service of this transportation(Uber and Careem) will remain close on 9th and 10th  the MUHARRAM. In order to prevent the country from terrorism,

SINDH_GOVERNMENT has announced to closed all the networks on these days.
So, the work would be stopped because the network will be unavailable. This job can’t be done without the mean of communication. It will be a huge loss for the drivers using this service and also for the people. Because in a present day everything is done by the means of communication and when their is no communication network then it will also effect the transport sector.

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