No More Foreign Engineers in Saudi Arabia !!!

The Ministry of Labour and Social Development has announced, from January 2018 there will be no more seats would be available for the Expat Engineers having less than 5 years of skills.
Engineers having 5 years of skills should proceed for the executive test and a exclusive interview to get the profession as Engineer in the Saudia Arabia. Every company has only 3 months of span to get rid from the expat having less than 5 years of skill.The Report published in Saudi Press Agency, has declared that this resolution purpose is to provide more opportunities to Saudi National Engineers in public and private sector companies for jobs.

Prior, the required skill for an expat Engineer was of 3 years but now it has been extended to 5 years. Now it’s must to have 5 years skill to get work permit or working profession as Engineer.
The Reason behind this rule is that Saudi citizens are facing unemployment issues in the Saudia Arabia.This new proclamation will provide better jobs to Saudi Engineers instead of Expatriate Engineers.
Earlier, it was mentioned that Labour Ministry and Social Development will restrict expat workers in grocery stores, in shops with female specific items, Shopping Malls, Baqalas, Car Rentals, Medical Insurance and Authority roles in the tourism agencies.
In the kingdom of Saudia Arabia, Travel firms got a deadline of December from Tourism management to hire Saudi Citizens as managers and departmental heads.

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