Delhi woman claims 23 men raped her in Bikaner

The police in Bikaner has arrested 23 persons for allegedly raping a 28 years old woman on the day of Thursday. The woman had complained to the district superintendent of The police in Bikaner that she had been raped by 23 men, involving two persons she knew by name. The police arrested the persons after two days of her complaint.
The woman had complained to the Bikaner SP Sawai Singh Godara on Tuesday that she had been raped by the 23 men after being kidnapped from the outside from an area of the outskirts of Bikaner in between the afternoon and evening “She alleged while she was waiting for some conveyance to return, two men offered her a lift in an SUV. They drugged and raped her. Thereafter, these two accused called up their friends, who also raped her in turns,”In her statement before the magistrate, the woman alleged she was raped by eight men

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