In the Kingdom of Saudia Arabia, the Riyadh Metro is one of the vast project. For succeeding 6 Lines and 85 Stations, it costs about 23 Billion Dollars. Riyadh has populatiom of more than 6 Billion and till has no transportation system. Once the Metro starts running, it will lift up about 3 Billion passengers. It is expected to finish this project in the beginning of the year 2019.

BLUE_LINE (LINE # 01) :-
Riyadh Metro Blue Line will run in the axis of OLAYA STREET, BATHA STREET to Al-Hayer Road. In this way, it covers 22 stations, 4 transfer station between line 2, line 3, line 4, line 5 and line 6. This line will be of 38km in length. It is mostly underground in a tunnel in Olaya and King Faisal Street. Moreover, it will be on high bridge in Batha Street.

RED_LINE ( LINE # 02) :-
It will cover the King Abdullah Road, King Saud University and the Eastern Sub Center. It will run in the 13 stations including 3 transfer station between Line 1, Line 5 and Line 6. It will be of 25.3km in length. It will be mostly on a raised strip and in a planned freeway.

It will run in the axis of Madinah Al Munawrah Road, Prince Saad Bin Abdurrahman Al Awal Road, Starting near to the Jeddah Expressway and ends near to the National Guard Camp of Khashm Al Aan. It covers 20 stations including 2 transfer station between Line 1 and Line 6. It is about 40.7km in length. It will be mostly on the elevated bridge on the Madinah Munnawrah Road and will be in underground tunnel in Prince Saad Abdurrahman Road.

Metro’s Yellow Line will run in the axis of King Abdullah Financial District to King Khalid International Airport. It will cover 8 station in which 3 will be common with Line 6. It includes 1 tranfer station.

It will cover the King Abdulaziz Street, King Abdulaziz Historical Centre and Riyadh Airbase in underground tunnel before King Abdullah Road. It covers 10 stations including 2 transfer station between Line 1 and Line 2. It is about 12.9km long in length.

It covers the half ring from King Abdullah Financial District, Mohammad Bin Saud University and Prince Saad Ibn Aldulrahman Al Awal Road to Sheikh Hassan Bin Hussain Bin Ali Road. It covers 8 stations covering 3 transfer stations linking the Line 1, Line 2 and Line 3. In length, it is about 29.9km.

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