The Ministry of Labour and Social Development has declared that a worker can transfer his sponsorship to another employer. If he proves that his employer has delayed his salary for 3 months continously without any reason, he can change his employer.
Labour and Social Development Minister Dr. Ali Bin Naseer Ghafis had issued a ministerial conclusion to apreciate the sponsorship transfer of a domestic worker if they met with any of these cases indicated below.

1. If the salary of the Employee or domestic worker is delayed for 3 months continuously without any authentic or main reason.

2. If the Employer or his appointed agent not received a domestic worker from the port of Arrival, then domestic workers can transfer his sponsorship to the new Employer.

3. If the Employer not received his domestic worker from the accommodation within 15 days from the date of Arrival in the Kingdom.

4. In case of the failure of the Employer, to take out of the establishment or work place of the worker.

5. If the Employer neglects to issue a work permit or renewal of license to the employ even after the 30 days of the Expiration Day.

6. If the Employer is allowing worker to work for another Employer with out the knowledge of the worker.

7. Assigning domestic worker to work for the non-relatives of the worker or to the second relatives, this violation also lets domestic worker to transfer his service to the new Employer.

8. If the worker has assigned to do dangerous work, where his health and life is being threaten. In this case,the worker can leave the Employer without his approval.

9. If the worker has evidence of bad treatment by the Employer or by his relatives.

10. If the complaint is received from the worker against the Employer which causes the Employer to prolong its consideration.

11. The person will get a right to leave the current kafeel when a complaint of being absent from work against a domestic worker is filed.

12. If the Employer or his appointed agent is not focusing on the Report of the Complaint submitted by the worker.

13. In case, Employer is absent either out of country, death or due to any other reason salary is not given to the employe for the last three months. As per the proposal, new Employer may allow the worker to work in trial before the transfer of his service. This period should not exceed 15 days. After getting a notice of transfer, new employer have to grant all the transfer service fee and to uphold the penalty of refuge for the worker in government accommodation which costs 150 Riyal per day.

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  1. Hi hello sir I just want to know I want to find another employer next year March my contract wl finish I been working here 4years next year on March my question is can I transfer my working permit to another employer by the way I’m working in the house

  2. my company is not treat us good and our salary is always late by 2months.they get my passport and not give iqama for 5 months. then i ask to release me so i can work to other company.

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