Comeback to Saudia Arabia, if Exit/Re-entry visa is expired. For this possibility, we have two notable situations. The two Situations are :-
1. On Same Visa
2. On New Visa

If your exit/re-entry visa had expired you cann’t come back. However, there is still a modest chance to comeback. If your kafeel wants you to comeback, he should make sure that if your Iqama is valid. If your Iqama is not valid, your kafeel is unable to bring you back. If you Iqama is valid, your kafeel can bring you back within the 7 months of your expired exit/re-entry visa. If you have already crossed that 7 months than there is no chance to go back. Iqamas should be submitted to Jawazat after exit/re-entry date is expired. If your expired Exit/Re-entry visa have not yet completed the 7 months, your Sponsor should visit Jawazat office. He should fill the form, submit your documents and get yellow slip from them.
Your kafeel should write a request letter to the Saudi Embassy to permit an employee to comeback to the Kingdom. This letter should be authenticated from the chamber of Commerce and Ministry of foreign affairs. Once Saudi Embassy stamped your visa, you can comeback within 7 days.“COMING BACK TO SAUDIA ARABIA ON NEW VISA”
According to Arab news article of 4th June 2015, passport department has declared that the Expat who left the kingdom of Saudia Arabia on exit re-entry visa and failed to return, will be banned for 3 years for re-entering into the kingdom of Saudia Arabia. Coming back to Saudia Arabia on new visa after expiration of exit re-entry visa will be the violation from you. You will be banned to enter Saudia Arabia for 3 years and a fine of SR 10,000 will be charged by you.

However, you can go to other GCC Countries except Saudia. You can visit Saudia Arabia for Hajj and Ummrah. If you have planned to leave Saudia Arabia, you should take final exit from your employer.

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