5 Million Riyal Fine For Harassment And Blackmailing …!!!

Harassment covers a wide range of offensive or unwanted behavior in order to make other person uncomfortable. Most often women are the victims of harassment and the offenders are male. Harassment is a form of illegal and discrimination and all the human rights laws prohibit this act but ratio of the harassment is continuously increasing although laws are present in our society.

There are many factors of harassment which varies from situation to situation. The most significant factor is our culture, values and the relative power and status of the men and women in our society. The way women and men are brought up in our society influences their behavior. Women usually lack the confidence because since childhood their behavior is customized to suffer silence and make compromises. On the other hand men are brought up exactly opposite to women. Such patriarchal view creates an atmosphere that allows men the freedom of sexual harassment in the workplace.However, Government of Saudi Arabia has taken serious action against those who are involved in harassment And blackmailing. Recently there were many cases of Harassment And Blackmailing in the past which forced the Government to take legal action against those who are involved in such shameful acts. To control this situation Saudi law enforcement has implemented a new law in which the blackmailer or harasser will be fined for 5 Million Saudi Riyal as well as 5 years jail term will be imposed on the individual who will be found guilty in such crime .

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