Amnesty period for illegal expatriates extended in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Immigration Officials extended Amnesty period until 15th November 2017. Before 15th October 2017, it was told to the illegal residents to get benefit. Now it is confirmed that their Amnesty period is extended again for one month.
Indian Illegal residents living in Saudia Arabia can email or call the Embassy for more details. or , and
Toll Free number are 8002471234 and 8002440003 or 011-4884697 or 012-6614276. WhatsApp Number is 0556122301.
This Amnesty period of one month is available for all the Nationals. People who need help can call their Embassy. This procedure will let you take safely final Exit without any fine, penalty or ban from re-entering in the Kingdom of the Saudia Arabia.
Saudi government has granted another precious chance to remaining undocumented India nationals in KSA to permit the Amnesty period. For eligible persons, having desire to go back to India, without paying any fine or facing ban on return to KSA in future, they’ve last chance valid till mid November 2017. Other terms and Conditions will remain same. For more information contact :

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