Expatriates working as taxi drivers with their private cars may be fined SR10,000.

  1. Govt decided to invest $3.5 Billion in Uber , as a result they want 100,000 saudi drivers in the kingdom
  2. Uber wasn’t prepared to distinguish between Saudis/Expats as required documents were only related to car ownership etc. In all other countries immigrants can use this to earn a side income, so they allowed expats in the kingdom to use it.
  3. Govt announced no-saudis are NOT allowed to work in ride hailing apps, these jobs are strictly for Saudi citizens, source 2.

    There was some reaction on social media against this, however didn’t work out.

  4. Govt reminds/warns expats,10 days back, against using the service.

As reminder here are the penalties:

Ministry of Labor and Social Development spokesman Khalid Abalkhail said expatriates working as taxi drivers with their private cars may be fined SR10,000. “Repeat offenders will be fined SR25,000 and imprisoned for one month. In the instance of repeating the violation for a third time, the fine will be raised to SR50,000 and the prison term will be six months followed by deportation. Taxi companies that make their expatriate employees work as taxi drivers without a license may be fined SR25,000 and prohibited from recruitment for a year,” said Abalkhail. He also said the employer may be deported if he was an expatriate.

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