Truth Behind The Arrest Of Prince Al-Waleed-Bin-Talal !!!

Saudi Arabia Arrests 11 Princes, Including Billionaire Al Waleed Bin Talal & here is the Real Reason! 

Prince Waleed Bin Talal owns the Investment firm Kingdom Holding Company and is one of the World’s Richest men having owned major Shares in 21st Century Fox News, Citi Group, Apple, Twitter and many other well-known companies. The prince also controls satellite television networks watched across the Arab world.

All of these are House Arrested in Ritz Carlton Riyadh (5 Star hotel) where trump stayed during his visit. Whole Ritz Carlton is under use of these Prince. American President Donlad J Trump Tweeted angrily “Dope Prince Alwaleed Talal wants to control our U.S. politicians with Daddy’s Money.” As the New York Times noted today, the recently arrested Alwaleed bin Talal was among a group of wealthy buyers who Sunk money into Donald Trump’s The Plaza Hotel in New York. Despite this, the Times notes, Trump and Alwaleed Clashed Publicly on Twitter in the early days of the 2016 campaign. This bitter exchange highlights that clash.

Tweet by prince Al_Waleed_Bin_Talal

Tweet by Donald Trump

Do you think Donald J Trump is behind those Arrests ?

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  1. Who like to see Arab Born , who regard Arabic People’s are stupid can make money diligently, Now with the Explosion 💥 of 800 Billion found .Listen 👂Do we know how difficult to make that Money .? How many Americans are Envious of Prince Alwaleed Talal Al Saud who are given chances to hold so much position in American Companies ,linking to Best in World 🌎??? and Super Power ???World Envies that ??Do we know where the positioning of Saudi Arabia in World .Who Envy that ???? World 🌎 How do we say Corruption ?? Let’s check on this
    Saudi Arabia .
    I am doing positioning and Strength to Saudi Arabia but Saudi Arabia Pull down the most Know How in World Market by accusing Corruption without charges but Please hear me , P. Alwaleed is doing business and making his billions are because he is in the pool of Super Power .
    8 Billions is nothing . Please I like to speak or messenger details in Private .Please hear me .Do hear me.

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