DesiHipHop Comes In Pakistan’s Music Industry. !!!

DesiHipHop Comes In Pakistan.

 Today we are going to discuss about the desi hip hop industry. Every country has a person which is the most famous one and liked by all for his Rap. In India, There are many rappers which are well known for their amazing Rap songs like, Raftaar, Ishq Bector, Badshaah and many more. Like that, in Pakistan’s industry, the most famous one, for his Rap is Xpolymer Dar. He is the first Rapper whose  song is released in Pakistan’s latest movie Verna in which Mahira Khan has played major role.



Shohaib Mansoor have produced this Movie (Verna) and the leading roles are of Mahira Khan and Haroon Shahid. This movie has faced huge difficulties and hardships because it have shown us the Reality of the Corrupt people. Its song power di game is sang by the Pakistani rapper, Xpolymer Dar.On 14 November, the Central Board of Film Censors stated, “The general plot of the movie revolves around rape, which we consider to be unacceptable.” They said the film would be permanently banned, if the filmmakers did not claim. The Lahore and Karachi premieres were also cancelled officially.However, on 15 November, Marriyum Aurangzeb told that the film is pending for a full board review and it will surely be released. On 17 November, the film passed through the CBFC as an adult rated film, and it released as per schedule without any censors. It was rated 15+ in its international release in USA and UK.


Xpolymer Dar is an Urdu/Punjabi Rapper who belongs to Islamabad. His recent collaboration with Hashim Nawaz and Osama com Laude in TEAM BACKPACK PAKISTAN went viral and crossed 85000+views. Dar’s Rap Battle with Deikilluminati crossed 110000+ Views on They-see-Battle-League. In 2017 Dar’s song #PowerDiGame was released in a Pakistani movie named “VERNA” and again he proved that he is one of the best Rapper in Pakistan…

In his interview, Dar have told us about the difficulties he faced, and about his experience from starting of his Rap carrier, to its latest song #PowerDiGame in  the Verna Movie. It is the great success for the Desi hip hop as well as for Dar, we hope to bring more talented people like him in the industry…

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