Del Toro’s thrilling romantic fantasy: The Shape of Water

Beautiful yet a strange tale of romance, The Shape of Water is a story of a mute janitor forms a relationship with an aquatic creature. People can relate the baseline of the story to Beauty and the Beast, Splash, or even Shrek.

It starts with a research facility in the 60’s where men capture exotic creatures to run experiment on them. Sally Hawkins playing Eliza uncovers a creature being tortured. She starts to build a very close bond with him and forms a plan to help him escape. This escalates into a strange romantic story when the creature starts living in her bathtub. This will either mesmerize the people or be confused that why they’re watching this movie in the first place.

Fans are stating that this is Del Toro’s finest film since “Pan’s Labyrinth” and may even be his best in general as he allows the audience to discover this intimate and fascinating world of “broken” people searching for a moment of meaning.

On the whole, The Shape of Water a damn solid film of late 2017. For the people who love strange or unique films, I recommend you check out this movie. A great many people already love this movie, and while I agree that it’s impressive, yet familiar experience.

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