Pakistani Guy Ditched An Indian Girl For Australian Nationality !!

Pakistani guy ditched me for Australian Nationality !!

A girl named “HARJIT KAUR contacted us and told us about her story. I am Harjit Kaur Gill, born in India. I live in Darwin, Australia. She told us during in an exclusive interview about her first meeting with the guy who ditched her. His name is MUHAMMAD NADIR ALI KHAN. He is from SIALKOT. She first met him in 2015 during her study. After sometime he proposed her, and she declined his proposal. She told us that after when she refused his proposal he started emotional blackmailing her. I am sharing some of his screenshots of his personal messages with HARJIT KAUR.

 After this emotional blackmail she decided to meet him because she was worried about him as a friend. Then he met her on the beach and proposed her in front of people. After that she accepted his proposal and got married”. HARJIT told us that, More than 2 years we stayed together and then immigration canceled his visa. He told me that my brother’s marriage is fixed I have to go Pakistan. Once You get PR of Australia then I will come back.

Once he left Australia he blocked me on Facebook. I tried to contact his father and mother but they didn’t say anything.After 1 week he called me that I am busy for my brother’s wedding.

Marriage certificate with HARJIT KAUR GiLL

One of his friend came to my place and told me that I have to stay strong now because he (my husband) is going to marry with USA girl on 25/12/2017.
But legally he was married with me. Now I found he was married before me with Australian born girl for money. He left her after 2 years.

Marriage certificate with first wife 

And now he is going to marry again. His family is showing that he is still single but he lied to the third girl and said that i am not married to anyone but legally he is still my husband.I want to show his detail in public so everyone will be aware about him.

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