M.ZHE Took Desi Rap In Saudi Arabia To Next Level, Now He Moved to serve Pakistan!


As we all know that Music is banned in Saudi Arabia, But still there are some Rappers which are famous across the world because of their Rap. In Saudi Arabia, Riyadh there is a guy named M.ZHE who is famous for his Desi Rap and Directing music videos.After making his mark in Saudi Arabia he recently shifted to Lahore, Pakistan. He started his Rap career earlier when he was studying in his school. With the passage of time he made a group of Rappers which is well known in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia and Lahore, Pakistan. He has worked with many great artist across world. He has many hit songs and his crew is famous as the pioneer of Desi Live City Cyphers. He was also featured on International Music Magazine with full 2 page interview as exclusive desi artists on the front page and the magazine was distributed in stores of USA.

M-ZHE’ On International Music Magzine.

He also has a youtube channel named “Gawky Records” where he releases his music projects made under Gawky Records. Now he is back to his homeland (PAKISTAN) to serve his own country and now he is also in search of underground talent in Pakistan. Saudi Arabia will definitely miss M.ZHE. We wish M.ZHE best of luck for his upcoming projects and may God give him more success in future. Here are his latest verse from BAARA BEES track which is their usual jam session done in 12 hours along with video in Lahore with AQEEL SARFRAZRAAMIS & TRAITOR.

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