More than 264,245 illegal expatriates have left Saudi Arabia !

The Saudi Press Agency said, the joint field security campaign has seized 264,245 violators of accomodation, labor and border security regulations.

The campaign started across the Kingdom in mid-November to stalk at and seize those violating accomodators, labor and border security laws and regulations.

The campaign outcome in the detain of 142,869 violators of iqama (residence) regulations, 33,889 violators of border security regulations and 87,487 violators of labor regulations.

The violators trying to cross the Kingdom’s borders were 3,321 persons, 73% were Yemenis, 25% Ethiopians and 2% of various nationalities. 3,054 of them, were sent back. Seventy-eight persons were imprisoned for aiming to leave the Kingdom illegally through its borders.

Meanwhile, 548 persons were detained for being tangled in harboring and transporting, labor and border security regulations.

Total 92 citizens were caught for being involved in transporting and sheltering the expatriates.

The number of expatriates currently detained is approximately 14,699, including 12,782 men and 1,917 women.

Quick penalties were inflicted on 39,422 expatriates while 37,506 violators were assigned to their relevant diplomatic missions and 56,899 were banished.


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