No more tax on expatriates !

The ministry of labor and social development has cleared about the rumors that expat workers will have to pay 10% tax on a monthly salary more than 3000 saudi riyal. Ministry spokesman Mr. Khalid Aba Al_Khail further told that there is no truth and intention to impose new tax on expatriates. The social media rumor claimed about recruitment and issuance of work permits for 60 jobs will be stopped as these jobs will be limited to Saudis only. It is also said that all companies and establishments will be asked to replace expatriates for those jobs with Saudis. The spokesman Mr. Aba Al- Khail denied the report as sheer rumor and further told that only 19 jobs are there which are limited for Saudis. He furthermore spoke that  “There is no change implemented in which the jobs are being restricted to saudis only. There will not be any recruitment or issuance of work permit for expatriates to work in, Only 19 jobs restricted to the saudis”.

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