2 boys were brutally murdered after sexual harassment. #JusticeForEveryone

  • This is a heart wrenching news of 2 boys named “Ali Hamza” and “Zeeshan Haider” from Sialkot, They were found dead. After the postmortem report it was found that they were sexually harassed and then they were brutally murdered by harasser and their dead bodies were found from somewhere else.! Father of “Ali Hamza” and “Zeeshan Haider” have asked many politicians to help them but everyone refused them just because they are not from a rich family who can file a case against them while the harasser has the power to break the law and no one has the guts to give justice to the father of those boys . This news is not published anywhere except thenewscasters.com because the harasser is a goon and no one wants to be in a trouble !

Check this News report by Tajammal Saghar butt

i don’t know how someone could be so cruel to kill these innocent kids. Why are we asking justice only for zainab ? Justice is for everyone not only for zainab, So kindly ask justice for these kids too.. #JusticeForAliHamza #JusticeForZeeshanHaider


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