Article by Victoria Lee Scott

Let’s talk as to why the CIA (Central Intelligence Agency) no longer serves the American people, and yes, we can fix it. Right now, many Americans who love this country have found that the cup of our country is half full, not half empty, as those who would wish us to believe in this thought process that solely chips away at the very foundation upon which it was built.

It has become quite obvious that the comfortability of the truth that the CIA is no longer working for we the people, but it is not performing at the level that is demanded in keeping the United States of America safe!

Americans no longer feel safe and protected by our government. Their sole job is to not let the disasters, such as Pearl Harbor or 911, ever reoccur again. Their purpose is to prevent any foreign and domestic enemies to surprise American on the scale of devastation ever again.

First let us look at our own history, Al Qaeda at the time before 911 was not unknown to the powers of this country. Many threats from Bin Laden had been laid out before America, from blowing up the American Embassies in Africia, Yemen, and the World Trade Center. Americans had no warning of the 911 attacks. It took almost 10 years to find and kill Bin Laden, and this was the CIA’s single highest priority, just what were they doing all those years?

Now, let’s fast forward to 2020 where America now finds itself in a worldwide pandemic, originating in China. We know have learned that the Covid 19 virus was a product of Gain-of-Function research in a virology lab in Whan China.

Why do we refuse to accept the reality that biological warfare is a threat, and this has been known for many years. The top job and requirement for the CIA is to monitor and stop both, state sponsored terrorist and biological warfare programs.

The Wuhan lab was not a secret by the way and what they were working on in making the Corona Virus dangerous to humans, was also known to the CIA. Yet America received no warnings before the outbreak.

The CIA during this time could not or would not provide any useful information in reference to the origin of the disaster. This can now be seen as a failure of the function that the CIA have and yet they have all the resources needed, but yet they are failing to perform it.

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