By Joe Murray

Our history teacher was a chap in his early thirties.  He had been with his family as Christian Missionaries in a place called Indo China – later Vietnam – during the later forties until they returned to the States in about 1950.

One week in that class sticks in my memory to this day.  For a few weeks, we’d been studying the elements of WWII which had ended recently for us, with concentration on how Germany had become the thrall of one Adolph Hitler in the thirties leading to the horrors of WWII.

The teacher began one Monday morning with the question, “Can it happen here in the United States” meaning a copy of Nazism with a supreme leader like Hitler or some other kind of tyranny?

Naturally, all of us adolescent geniuses laughed and argued vehemently against such a thing because we were an exceptional nation with our Mission Statement (The Declaration of Independence) and our User Manual (The Constitution).  We argued that those were absolute protections for our nation and provided the Rule of Law which would obviously prevent any such takeover by a tyrannical power.  We also argued that Americans are a religious people, and our country was based on Judeo/Christian principles which ruled against such tyrannies.

Our teacher countered our arguments with examples from Germany and other countries.  He reminded us that the German people were Christians but that hadn’t protected them from    Hitler as their dictator.  He reminded us that the German legal system had been taken over by Hitler & Co. and had been used to destroy (ruin and kill) political opponents and enemies of the regime.  He argued that our Declaration and Constitution were temporal documents that the wrong people might maneuver to obsolete them with our assistance.  He emphasized that we had a duty to stay aware of all current events so we would know most of what was going on in the government and make judgements about good guys and bad guys to protect our exceptional system of political and economic freedom.

We argued vehemently again against the incredible idea of us being parties to the destruction of our founding documents, our freedoms, and responsibilities as citizens.  All of us knew men, fathers, brothers, uncles, neighbors, friends, who had not come home from the worst war in history.  Each of us knew that we had a responsibility to spend at least two years in the military, which we accepted as our duty, just like the vets of WWII, since we’d won the lottery of life and had been born in this exceptional country.  Full of piss, vinegar and hormones, we “knew” that we’d protect our nation to prevent any tyrant from trying to take it over.  Naturally, he countered us with the fact that if we became lazy, uninterested in our governance and ignored what was happening in Washington and our nation became a tyranny, THAT would be our assistance to the bad guys.

The discussion went back and forth for a full class week.  At the close, the teacher also gave us stories from his personal experience in Vietnam.  The French were still fighting the North Vietnamese which is why his family had to return to get out of the war zone.  He explained that before the war really got going, he had personally watched Chinese make tiny innovations that helped people in South Vietnam.

He said they hadn’t arrived in the rural areas with machines and lots of military before the war with the French.  They arrived wearing simple black work clothes carrying a sack with first quality rice seed, paper instructions on how to improve their crops for sale and Communist ideology literature.  The rural people caring for their rice paddies were educated by the nice Chinese visitors to accept Communism to fight the “higher class” citizens of South Vietnam in the cities.  Later, as the North Vietnamese Communist leader Ho Chi Minh moved to war with the French to drive them out of the country, those rural farmers, now Communist ideologies, became secret Viet Minh soldiers serving in the fight behind the NVA army.  We knew those same rural folks twenty years later as the “Viet Cong.”

The teacher gave us more examples of why we Americans had to exercise great care to protect our nation and her sovereignty.  One example still stresses me today.  He said that the United States politicians were making a gigantic mistake in sending millions of dollars to Vietnam.  He said it never sent where it was supposed to go but mostly into the pockets of the politicians and bureaucrats in Saigon, many of whom were corrupt.

If we consider my teacher’s lessons from 70 years ago as they may apply to the situation we find ourselves in in 2024, my opinion must be that those lessons apply to us but in a much darker way.  For Example:

1.. The Chinese Communists have been in our country for years in our schools and universities, with their soft Communist educational tools of Confucious Centers and TikTok teaching our young about Communism and in many cases to hate America.

2.. The Chinese Communists now own more than 340,000 acres of our farmland, many of our farm support and food processing corporations (You can’t own a square foot of China).

3.. The Chinese Communists have most of our manufacturing (the golden goose that built America) in China partly because ignorant government taxes were killing corporations that moved manufacturing to China to escape taxes, get cheap labor and increase profits.  Thus, while Americans were manipulated with cheap prices, China learned our manufacturing efficiencies.

4.. Soft and refined Chinese spies were inserted into the staff of Diane Feinstein and Representative Eric Swalwell.  How many more in Congress, Bureaucracy, or Intelligence?

5.. The Chinese Communists control virtually all of our pharmaceuticals.  If they take Taiwan, they will control most of the world’s computer chip production that our corporations that invented it all just sent there for cheap labor.

6.. The Chinese Communists are about to introduce their subsidized autos to be sold at bargain basement prices to destroy our auto industry in Detroit.

7.. The corrupt bribery evidence against the Bidens is only the tip of the iceberg.  How many more have entered Congress with a reasonable net worth and left in a few years with millions?  We know that the corruption and bribery is in both parties and the immense Federal Bureaucracy.

8.. In the last three years we have seen Joe Biden open our Southern border and allow more than 20,000,000 illegal entries, not counting the almost 2,000,000 “got-aways.”   There are terrorists, military age Chinese, MS-13, the new Venezuelan crime group, mentally ill people among those illegal entries allowed by Joe Biden.  Several American citizens have been murdered by them – more to come … how many more?

9.. In the last few weeks, we have seen Joe Biden provide student loan forgiveness to the total of $1.6 Billion AFTER the Supreme Court ruled that he had no jurisdiction to do that.  Thus, he has ignored the Supreme Court’s specific ruling which is unconstitutional.

10.. It’s reported today that the CIA prevented the FBI or Congress from investigating the mysterious lawyer in CA who paid Hunter Biden’s old, unfiled, and unpaid multi-million-dollar tax bill.  Nobody knows where the lawyer got the money and why he mysteriously gave millions to a drug addict he’d only know a couple of weeks.

11.. The planned bankruptcy and destruction of Donald Trump in New York with a lawsuit against him that had no victims, no injured parties, is devastating.   The issue is no longer Trump whether he is elected or not.  The issue is the corrupt, legally abusive means used to destroy him simply because he is a political opponent who still believes in our founding principles, founding documents, and freedom.  The last time this kind of “legal” action was taken against political opponents was in the thirties and forties in Nazi Germany.  With all that in mind, when Trump says that the bad guys are “after all of us and he’s just standing in their way,” that is precisely what’s going on.

My answer to my old teacher’s question of so long ago – “Can it Happen Here in the United States?” – would have to be yes and it’s happening.  Our elected politicians have been so concentrated on power and money for so many years that none of the young ones and just a few of the old ones can remember, as I do, when the United States was the most exceptional nation in the history of mankind.  As I see them on TV, except for a very few, they seem lost.

At 86 I’m limited in what I might do but I can write to warn any readers of the immense danger our nation is in today.  I’ve been studying our history and politics for more than 70 years and this nation has never been this close to collapse.  The rule is that tyranny happens when good men do nothing, but I can write and so be it.

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