The Biden Job Market

June 10, 2024Article, Commentary, News, Opinion No Comments

Look a Little Deeper By Murray Edwards Last week the latest job report came out, admittedly, it was slightly higher than expected at 272,000 new jobs. However, the unemployment rate ticked up to 4%, the job participation rate dropped to 62.5% and the U-6 unemployment rate which takes into effect those underemployed, individuals discouraged looking … Read More

California’s $20-Dollar Minimum Wage

June 9, 2024Article, Commentary, Opinion No Comments

By Murray Edwards As California’s Governor Gavin Newsom’s $20-dollar minimum wage for restaurants kicks in, the business community is reacting. Over 10,000 jobs have been cut, workers are being shifted to part-time and far worse, restaurants are shutting down and those that are financially able are making their plans to exit the state of California. … Read More

Has Biden had a Epiphany?

June 4, 2024Commentary, Opinion No Comments

By Murray Edwards After 3 ½ years in office, Biden decides it’s time to do something about the immigration situation. He is expected to sign an Executive Order sometime on Tuesday before he heads off the Europe for D-Day celebrations. Reports are, that once the average daily encounters at the ports of entry hit 2,500, … Read More

Books are Important to Shape People

April 27, 2024Article, Commentary 1 Comment

By Terry Richmond Books are important to shape people, people shape societies, societies shape countries. We are seeing the result of this phenomenon play out on our college and university campuses today. A recent report says over 100 campuses have antisemitic demonstrations. Where did this come from? I maintain it came from books. Books that … Read More

Truth Bent or Broken?

April 26, 2024Article, Commentary No Comments

By Victoria Lee Scott “Broken” this is what happens when you continually bend to the point of breaking. In the result of trying to break an unbreakable truth, we find it broken. America is now learning on a large scale what happens when we try to change, or when we disregard truth. Have you noticed … Read More

Hello, Is This Thing On?

April 23, 2024Article, Commentary, Uncategorized No Comments

By Victoria Lee Scott America, is this thing on? The Chinese Communist Party has made major trade agreements with quite a few nations, and in this China has used its trade policy and also their currency, weaponizing it, and now it has implemented a near total governmental control over 1.4 billion Chinese people! Who, I … Read More

Who’s Running the Presidency?

April 6, 2024Article, Commentary, Opinion 2 Comments

By Joe Murray I think the bigger concern is who’s running the Presidency because it does not appear to be Biden.  With all the baggage how did he even win the primary? He’s the best candidate the Dems could come up with??? Not just Biden but the whole thing appears to be a threat. If … Read More


March 3, 2024Article, Commentary 3 Comments

THE NEW TREND “BED ROTTING” Article by Victoria Lee Scott Let’s start off by saying anything that contributes to rotting is not for me at all. The new trend sweeping TikTok “Bed Rotting” this trend is now a new way of life for many. It involves staying in bed for extended periods of time, not to … Read More


March 1, 2024Article, Commentary 1 Comment

Article by Victoria Lee Scott As we have come to understand through time that a solid family structure is the strong foundational footing of any enduring and stable society. America itself sits on the eve of destruction awaiting the great dragon of evil, and yet still clings to the hope of some unseen strong hand … Read More