Clint Day

Clint was a successful businessman, developing retail shopping centers and owning 6 Del Taco franchises.  His leadership skills were further honed as a chairman of a bank. He also served as a Georgia State Senator and as a member of The Georgia Port Authority Board.  He currently serves on several non-profit boards. Beyond his professional achievements, Clint is deeply involved in his church community, teaching sixth-grade boys in Sunday school and leading prayer groups in his home and church.


About This Podcast

Welcome to the world of Clint Day, a dynamic podcaster and radio host driven by a passion for speaking the truth with compassion.  At the heart of Clint’s work is his faith-based podcast, “Speak the Truth in Love,” where he delves into current societal with a focus on presenting unfiltered facts through a biblical lens.

Clint firmly believes in the power of truth to liberate individuals and communities. He confronts today’s “woke” narratives, striving to anchor his discussions in verifiable facts, viewed through a biblical worldview.  A devoted follower of Jesus Christ, Clint’s faith is not just a belief system, but the cornerstone of his life and the lens through which he views the world.

“Speak the Truth in Love” is more than a podcast; it’s an invitation to explore a worldview that claims unparalleled historical, scientific, and prophetic accuracy – as found in the Bible. Clint Day’s journey from business to broadcasting, underpinned by his unwavering faith, offers listeners a unique blend of real-world experience and spiritual insight.

Join Clint Day on “Speak the Truth in Love” as he explores truths that he believes are not only crucial for understanding our world today but essential for eternity.  His perspective might just reflect your world too.



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