By Murray Edwards

After 3 ½ years in office, Biden decides it’s time to do something about the immigration situation. He is expected to sign an Executive Order sometime on Tuesday before he heads off the Europe for D-Day celebrations.

Reports are, that once the average daily encounters at the ports of entry hit 2,500, they will be shut down and will only reopen once the daily number of encounters drops to 1,500.

He has repeatedly stated that he did not have the authority to do anything, yet miraculously, 5 months out from the election, he’s discovered a magic wand that he plans to wave and poof, the problem becomes a manageable orderly process, instead of the utter chaos that has been occurring since the day he stepped into the Oval Office.

This Executive Order has little to do with solving the problem. He’s not suddenly had an epiphany that good golly, I didn’t realize it was this bad – I must do something.

Most reasonable folks will understand that this is a nothing more than political ploy in hopes he can improve his 67% disapproval rating of his handling of the immigration problem that he and his administration created.

Or course, there will be those who will applaud and praise his efforts as being Presidential and then move to blame others for not addressing the immigration issue.

Pay close attention, the next few months will be full of these political games.




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