By Victoria Lee Scott

Right under the nose of the world new infrastructure projects are simultaneously going on.  Now entering into the mix, a deepwater port, which is being linked to a massive highway network.

An incredible number of new projects and new money (China money?) I wonder, are underway around the world.

Yes, China told us by Xi Jinping when he spoke about the Ancient Silk Road, which is a network of trade routes, and some of these routes were established as early as 200 BC. All of this move’s goods and China has been very busy little bee’s developing a modern Silk Road.

This in fact has now become known as the “Belt and Road Initiative.” China is now working furiously to better connect Asia to Europe and beyond! This is such an important issue for China that they have actually been written into their Constitution.

This so-called Belt will link six concordances East and West, from the South China Sea to Africia’s east coast. America this will link 60% of the global population and will span three Continents, extending into South America, right at our back door.

This is all meant to reroute global trade to give China the title of superpower!

Why is this silenced, knowledge is power an America needs to gain knowledge as to what is coming at us here in the United States.

Wake Up! China has already made major trade agreements with many nations. In this China has weaponized its trade policy and along with that its currency.

In 2000 the United States led in the global trade world with 80% of nations engaged in more trade than with China. By 2020 the numbers have changed! China became the number one trade partner for 128 out of 190 countries. (Please reread that last sentence.) 

America now needs to realize that this massive shift pf power is in China’s favor for global dominance. Global power is shifting and America when it awakes, will not like what has happened.

Time to face the Dragon.


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