By Victoria Lee Scott

America, is this thing on? The Chinese Communist Party has made major trade agreements with quite a few nations, and in this China has used its trade policy and also their currency, weaponizing it, and now it has implemented a near total governmental control over 1.4 billion Chinese people!

Who, I dare to say in turn work as slaves, allowing the policies and organizations to then transform global trade, putting the Chinese Communist Party at the center controlling it all.  

You want proof? In 2000 the United Stated led global trade with more than 80% of nations active in trade with America, rather than China. 20% traded more with China at this time, now jump ahead and take a look at 2020, the figures have inverted somewhat with China becoming the number one trade partner for 128 out of 190 countries.

Now that is hard to swallow!

This is a major shift in favor of China Global dominance that is not being looked at, it will come with a huge wakeup call when America realizes just what has taken place behind those closed doors, Oh we did not forget about those closed-door country changing meetings!


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