Article by Victoria Lee Scott

Let’s start off by saying anything that contributes to rotting is not for me at all. The new trend sweeping TikTok “Bed Rotting” this trend is now a new way of life for many. It involves staying in bed for extended periods of time, not to sleep, but to do passive activities.

The term itself “Bed Rotting” is trying to pass itself off as self-care is laughable to me. It basically means spending the entire day, weekend, to weeks and even months of this lifestyle by doing everything from napping and internet scrolling to watching TV and yes even eating meals!

This is a total physical check out of everyday life! As a former body builder and active gym rat today, I personally understand the physical rest and recovery when staying in bed is required, and at times we all need this for life’s many different reasons. Also realizing not to stay in bed to the point of losing muscle mass and as a result my humanness becomes weak.

It can also create problems from lack of physical activity, it can hinder stress relief, endorphin release, for those who feel-good feelings, needless to say the lack of blood flow! This in turn has the ability to change moods. As for the human spirit itself, with bed rotting comes social media scrolling adding to feeling of isolation, lower self-esteem in scrolling with a reliance on dopamine from online interactions.

This is no way to live one’s precious life engaging in prolong periods of inactivity leading to physical discomfort, worsened mental health symptoms which then enslaves our personal growth and development in gaining the necessary tools to handle our own lives on our life’s terms.

This new trend needs to say, “Bye Bye Bed Rotting” and those trapped in it should ask themselves is my bed making me ill? Many things happen when you are lying down for too long, there comes an increased risk of chronic health problems such as heart disease, diabetes, and some cancers.

Let’s us not forget the evidence that shows social media use, especially of highly visual platforms like TikTok found to be correlated with increased depression and anxiety. So, wake up America and move muscles and change your thought!

There are many things one can do, read a book, write a journal with your thoughts and feelings, they reveal to us much. Talk with friends, walk with friends, meditate and everyone’s least favorite, exercise, or just putzing around, as my dad use to call it, on a hobby you just enjoy.

The strength of who we are as Americans comes first from who we are as and individual. As for me I get a choice from life’s smorgasbord of physical and mental health benefits such as reducing anxiety and stress, which on some days is much harder than others.

Overall, getting up and getting out of bed improves my memory, focus and my overall health and mental wellbeing.



  • Amen! Thank you for your insight. I find this new “trend” very troubling. It seems to me to be the complete opposite of what we need to be productive, healthy humans.

      • Hi! As a Door Dasher I just wanted to share an experience I had on a food delivery. As I was dropping the order off at her door I heard her say “Hello!! Can you open the door? Can you come in and hand me the food?” She would not get out of bed. I did as she asked. I wonder if she is bed rotting.

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