If you were posed the following question, what would you determine?

It seems that the Democrats are perfectly fine with removing a Republican candidate from the ballots of several states’ presidential ballots. The reason, in their interpretation, this individual is guilty of creating an “insurrection.”

Amazingly, this individual nor any other individual have been charged, much less convicted of said crime. It is their interpretation that seems to be the only thing that matters. He’s guilty and that’s that.

What would happen then, if by interpretation, the current residence in the White House and candidate for President was removed from some of the state’s ballots?

Using their “interpretation” method, based on his actions as president, his failure to perform his executive duties. Which one? the failure to protect the southern border, in essence, allowing an invasion of sorts.

It’s the duty of the executive branch to enforce the laws of the land, immigration being one. Couldn’t he have been seen performing a treasonous act by allowing for an invasion of the homeland?

After all, it’s only the interpretation that seems to matter, that is for the Democrats, the same wouldn’t be said if the Republicans pulled the same stunt, now would they. Of course not.

This is their version of Democracy. You can vote for whom we decide you can vote for.


Opinion by Murray Edwards

The Washington Affect Studio





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