Lisa Craft Ehrmann

Lisa is the host of the "We'll Cover That" podcast.  As a young boy's older mother, wife, corporate leader, and Christian, I have found it challenging navigating through various adversities of life from living the corporate life (domestic and abroad), living in current times as a conservative, raising a strong Godly son, aging and all that comes with it, etc...  I will be sharing topics and insights, as will guests of various backgrounds, without a filter, speaking truth when hard to hear, tips and best practices in various areas, encouragement, and some laughter and tears along our journey.  This is not scripted, and we will see where our sharing takes us.  I have over 20 years' experience in international corporate work, as well as an education background.  Join in on this no fluff, no filter and often passionate discussion to understand you are not alone, and just know that "We'll Cover That!"


About This Podcast

We will cover anything and everything from American politics, rearing children in today's climate, seeking the Lord's will, better parenting, life's struggles, and everything in between. .


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