Commentary by Murray Edwards

Learn to play the game. The Democrats are running circles around the RNC. They have perfected the early voting, absentee mail in, as well as ballot harvesting where permitted.

In the special election held in New York back a week or so ago, the Democratic candidate won 83% of the processes listed. An unexpected weather event suppressed the day of voting. It’s nearly impossible for any candidate to make up for that difference.

The general election will be on us before we know it, and this will be one the most critical elections that the American people could face in generations.

The House, Senate and the White House are up for grabs. If Republicans continue on their lackluster approach to elections, the outcome of the 2024 election, especially in the swing and states where the courts have forced them to redraw their Congressional districts, could create a result that could surprise the party.

Gone is the importance of “day of” voting, it has been replaced with every other voting process that became legal and at times somewhat questionable during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Elections are 24 hours by 365-day endeavor for the Democratic Party. Unfortunately, the Republican party seems to be only crank up their main machine only a few months prior to an election, that’s no longer a viable plan.

Democrats have no problem placing their ballot in an envelope, placing a stamp on it and dropping it in the mail, weeks even a month prior to a election. In their mind, they’ve done part, voted.

Too many Republicans seem to think that the way to vote is to show up, stand in line, and cast your vote on that one special day.

It’s time to get over it.

The Republican Party must get serious, both at the National, the State and local levels. The upper echelon at all levels don’t seem to care or show much urgency, treating their groups as a social party, let’s have a meeting, let someone speak, have a little snack, shake a few hands, and then go home satisfied that they’ve done what they are supposed to.

Spending the needed time to develop strategies to garner votes at the grassroots level, spreading the word on what the Republican Party stands for and reaching out to the groups of individuals that for whatever their reason, they almost refuse to approach.

There are a few exceptions, but they are far between.

The Democratic Party does this to the nth degree, they have perfected the art of getting people to vote, the Republicans have quite a way to go to accomplish the same results.

Here are a few things the Republican Party can do improve their messaging.

  1. Expand the voter base by focusing on reaching out to new and unlikely voters, as well as engaging with minority communities to expand their voter base.
  2. Embrace early voting and mail-in ballots: Republicans should learn from the 2020 election and embrace early voting and mail-in ballots, as these methods can help increase voter turnout.
  3. Address voter concerns of their voters, such as the economy, national security, and social issues, to motivate them to go out and vote.
  4. Use social media and digital platforms to reach out to younger voters and to spread their message.
  5. Promote voter confidence in the electoral process by addressing concerns about the integrity of the election and by ensuring that voting is accessible and secure.
  6. Focus on local issues that matter to voters in their communities, as this can help to engage and motivate voters.
  7. Encourage voter participation by making it easy for people to register to vote and by providing information about polling locations and voting hours.

By focusing on these strategies, Republicans can help to get people out to vote and increase their chances of winning elections.

Will they wake up to smell the roses or get skunked once again?

Only time will tell…….

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