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Tonight, on Victoria’s Voice Grit & Grace is Dr. Vassilios Damiras. Dr. Damiras has his own studio right here on The Newscasters, “Pax Americana.” Yet he is no stranger to Victoria’s Voice, he has been a regular contributor for many years sharing his knowledge on counter terrorism, counterintelligence & cyber security in this field he is unmatched. Dr. Damiras has worked on many National Security issues, along with defense and foreign policy. Winning many awards from American and European institutions, earning respect from around the globe.

Dr. Vassilios Damiras is an International Relations/Business, U.S. counterterrorism, counterintelligence, and defense expert and analyst. He has extensively worked on various U.S. national security issues, Middle Eastern and Balkan politics, and European economic, political, and military history.


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