What is the Democrats Intent?

Joe Biden and the Democrats will try to keep the entire world 100% focused on Donald Trump while they destroy America behind the scenes.

Uninformed people will fall for this ploy, however, people that take the time to do the research will not.

Donald Trump is 100% irrelevant. The focus should be on is how Democrats are destroying our nation.

Recognizing that the greatest threat facing America today is not Donald Trump, and it’s not COVID-19. It’s not even China or Russia.

By far, the greatest threat facing America today, is the unfettered spread of the regressive left. With all of the insanity, the weakness, incompetence, and the destruction that come with it.

America’s downfall has begun…75% of Americans seem to agree with that. Democrats blame the downfall on one single private citizen, the true blame is the downfall on 150 million regressive lefties.

When you see how the lack of engagement of the American people, it starts to make perfect sense as to why China is overtaking the USA as the world’s number one superpower.

If we are unable to wrestle control of the US public education system, the teacher’s union, and the US college education system away from the Democrats, then, yes, our country as we know is in jeopardy.

How can the willfully blind, be convinced to use their powers of discernment to observe the patterns of behavior even in the absence of absolute evidence possessed by a biased and politically aligned DOJ who are determined to conceal it?

Common sense is part of it.

Electing a solid Republican Legislature, not RINOS who are “go along” big government Democrats, and a solid Republican President in ’24 is required, If we can get that done.

In a recent debate, Vivek Ramaswamy stated that young people have no answer to the question, “What does it mean to be an American!”

That defines what has happened to the once top quality American educational and university systems that were rated number 1 in 1979 and now are rated slightly above average, just above the third world countries.
Elimination of the Dept. of “Education” and the ruthless teacher unions, both of which have destroyed American education, civilization, and patriotic identity in a mere 40 years.

To begin fixing education, the foundation stone of our nation’s existence, will take a Legislature and President who can understand the problem and accomplish fixing it forcefully.

Were you aware?

Once established politically, Lenin’s FIRST act was taking control of education.

Once established politically, one of Hitler’s FIRST acts was taking control of education.

(In the late twenties/early thirties, a group of German Communist professors from Frankfurt escaped the Nazis, getting to New York where they were welcomed as brothers and sisters by the far-left wing School of Education at Columbia University, at that time, the largest and most influential School of Education in this nation. They became known as “the Frankfurt School.” Before leaving Germany, they were trying to stealthily take over German primary and secondary education, in order to build a Communist Germany in about 40 years. At Columbia, they realized they could attack American Capitalism and turn our nation Communist).

Once established politically, one of Fidel Castro’s FIRST acts was taking control of education.

Once established politically, one of the FIRST acts of Hugo Chavez and his successor Nicholas Maduro took control of education.

(Back in the days of Chavez, a Priest was sent from Rome to confront him from taking control of Catholic schools. He was tasked with saving, and evacuating to friendly countries, Priests, Seminarians, and as many students as possible before the efforts were blocked by the Maduro regime. They got people into Peru, Mexico, Italy, and the United States).

What we’ve seen over the last few weeks as protests supporting the terrorist organization Hamas, have erupted throughout the country, is the corruption of the American Collegiate system.

Some College Professors, College Administrators along with third-party radical organizations have been successful influencing a generation of young men and women that America and Israel are the great opposers and must be destroyed.

And now we are watching as the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) mantra is now seeping down into the K-12 educational systems across the country. The younger they are, the easier they are to convert.

If they can control the educational system, then they can dictate the future of the country.

That is their intent.

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