Bud Cornwell -The Patriot Cause

Throughout our history, American pastors & churches have played a vital role in establishing and preserving religious and civil liberty.

Being “salt & light” requires knowledge of the culture we are attempting to preserve as we fulfill the Great Commission to “make disciples.”

Being Biblical Citizens requires a knowledge of Biblical principles and how to apply them to the world around us. You and your church can be the catalyst for restoring Biblical values in your neighborhood, State, and Nation.



Living in the Way of Jesus with the heart of Jesus in our country and culture.


Biblical citizenship is based on God’s plan for the relationship between God, government and individuals. The Bible teaches that all governing authority comes from God and that He determines all the times and boundaries for nations.

Therefore, government has the God-given responsibility to promote peace, encourage good and restrain evil and individuals have the God-given responsibility to honor governing authorities by submitting to them except when their directives are opposed to God’s principles. 


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