Christian Talk That Rocks with Richie L


On this show: “Amerika Nazification?” US Now Germany 1938? NYC mayor believes outside agitators involved in campus protests and riots – University denies its own professor access to campus because he’s Jewish! – Columbia U. Prof calling for police escort amid Anti-Israel/anti-semitic protests was a ‘Defund the Police’ advocate – FBI Dir. Wray: We’re not monitoring campus protests, we do share intel. about threats – Anti-Israel Protesters Gather Outside Sen. Schumer’s Home – Democratic Rep. Ritchie Torres hits media over Anti-Israel bias – Google fires more workers for protesting its Israel deal – White House visitor logs contradict Biden spokesman’s vow to ban DC official who praised notorious antisemite – Anti-Israel campus protesters make demand of administrators, vow to stay put until universities meet it – Elite colleges scale back ops to cope with anti-Israel protest surge, telling Jewish students to “lockdown” – Huge chunk of Gen Z believes Israel has no right to exist as nation in Mideast, terrorist sympathizers’ according to survey – Meet the new Left, who think Hamas are good and that Swastikas are woke – who are Students For Justice In Palestine? – we’ll analyze. Border Of Insanity: Cleared by judge, illegal migrants still get indicted by El Paso grand jury over alleged mass border breach try in Texas – Fairfax County Va., repeatedly released Honduran charged with sex crimes, ignored ICE detainer request from feds – FL Gov. DeSantis blames congressional Republicans for failure on U.S. southern border – FBI director issues chilling warning about possible terror attack on U.S. soil similar to Russian concert hall massacre – WaPo Editors say rebuild Middle America with mass immigration – we’ll examine. Plus, New York Times to Americans: Embrace Big Brother, he’s watching anyway. And, Testing The Faith: Virginia teen refuses to compromise her faith for gender ideology; takes school district to court – Christian assaulted for reading Bible aloud, so cops arrest HIM!


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