Christian Talk that Rocks with Richie L

On this episode: Bidenomics: Harris Poll finds most Americans believe US in Recession – Mounting evidence points to nightmare scenario for U.S. economy – Household net worth leaving analysts stunned – we’ll examine. Borderline: Invasion of illegal aliens under Biden has made housing crisis worse – Many Border Patrol Agents leaving under Biden – Youngkin demands answers from Biden after 2 ‘Jordanian illegal immigrants’ attempt to infiltrate military base – Likely American voters prefer deporting Illegal Aliens over amnesty according to researchers – we’ll analyze. Testing The Faith: Terrorist attack on church in Tenn. you likely never heard about – George Barna identifies biggest threats facing the Church – Satanist accepts Jesus during history-breaking baptism as 12,000 get dunked – Anti-Zionists occupy condemned university building, vandalize it with antisemitic graffiti – we’ll explore. Plus, 2024 Race: Biden-Trump Matchup Margin Razor Thin With Nearly 1 In 5 Voters Likely To Change Their Minds, Quinnipiac University National Poll Finds; More Than 7 In 10 Voters Plan To Watch June Debate. And, doomed CNN’s primetime ratings hit 33-year LOW. or



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