Christian Talk That Rocks with Richie L

On today’s show, 3:06 pm CT, 4:06 pm ET: Chaos University: NYPD claims funding for Pro-Palestinian ‘Encampments’ comes from ‘Around the world’ – University of Texas suspends Palestine Solidarity Committee after on-campus Pro-Hamas protests, says protesters ignored warnings to disperse, ‘baseball size rocks’ found in encampment – Larry Summers claims Harvard Is Violating Federal Civil Rights Laws – MIT researcher visits encampment, condemns anti-Israel protests and school leaders – Some Columbia University protesters ‘will become terrorists,’ Alan Dershowitz says – Iranian schools offering expelled anti-Israel rioters free tuition – Protesters removed American Flag, raised Palestinian Flag in Harvard Yard – Harvard Poll reveals 8 in 10 Support Israel in Hamas War – outside agitators arrested with students at colleges across America, who are they? – Is the House anti-Semitism bill is a hate speech law in disguise? – parts of Bible could violate law if passed? we’ll analyze. Life with Big Bro: James O’Keefe releases undercover video of CIA Contractor admitting CIA Director withheld info from Trump and spied on his presidency and ex-wife! – Years of government censorship called ‘potential health danger’ – why Biden censorship schemes targeted social media? – we’ll explore. And, Stunning poll reveals more than 100 million Americans expect civil war within 5 years. or


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