Christian Talk That Rocks with Richie L

On this episode: Felonious Trump: MSM makes hay – Attorneys on CNN rip Judge Juan Merchan for throwing Constitution ‘Out a window’ – 6th Amendment violations hang over trial outcome – Alan Dershowitz doubts conviction will be overturned in NY, Trump needs to fire his lawyers – Constitutional Professor Jonathan Turley “saddened by the verdict, but not surprised,” referred to the deliberations as a legal “canned hunt” “the weaponization of the criminal system became clear and inescapable” – Trump raises $34.8 Million after guilty verdict – Has verdict ‘guaranteed’ Trump victory in November? – we’ll analyze. Faith Under Fire: California city accused of banning chaplains from praying in Jesus’ name – Final decision on Bible club after 7 months of ‘anti-Christian hostility’ – Putting faith-based ads on public buses turns into holy war – we’ll examine. Plus, School Daze: Public schools are closing as school choice takes off – DOJ ‘Hate’ Unit tracked Moms For Liberty alongside white supremacy group, secret emails show. And, Run For The Border: DHS head Mayorkas claims We’ve ‘done an extraordinary job’ dealing with migration – illegal immigrant says Americans should be concerned with border security! – Mexican cartels’ presence in U.S. explodes with Biden. or




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