Christian Talk That Rocks with Richie L

On this episode, Biden “Bombs” Blowback: Pres. wants to withhold weapons to Israel if Hamas attacked in Rafah – Violation of Constitutional power of the purse for Congress? – violating The Impoundment Control Act of 1974? – Tom Cotton says impeach Joe Biden for political decision to withhold bombs from Israel – Speaker Johnson says Biden’s weapons threat may be ‘Senior moment’ – Jewish actor Michael Rapaport unendorses, blasts ‘Joe Biden in X (twitter) video for withholding arms to Israel – David Axelrod says Biden’s threat to withhold some weapons sales to Israel is different from when House Democrats impeached Trump – we’ll analyze. Vax Scene: Chris Cuomo says he’s now regularly taking ivermectin after unapologetically shaming those who said it worked – Chris Cuomo admits COVID vaccines injured many, including HIMSELF – Dr. Birx admits thousands of Americans may be vaccine injured by COVID shot – we’ll explore. Election 2024: Poll shows Independents say Biden is greater threat to Democracy than Trump – Biden tells whopper on CNN that inflation “was 9% when I came into office” – Biden scorched for absurd claim that ‘Wages are rising faster than prices’ – Carville mocks young people who don’t just roll over and vote Dem in recent video rant – Adult star Stormy Daniels grabs headlines and bulk of media attention in Trump trial – we’ll explore. Plus, Faith Under Fire: Now it’s the United States that gets caught persecuting Christians as American culture is increasingly hostile’ to faith claims new report – Students forced into Hindu meditation at school, coerced to hide it from parents. or




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