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The 2024 election cycle is at full throttle. The Democratic and the Republican Parties have ruled the roost for quite a while, but this cycle, there seems to more independents stepping up to try and overturn the apple cart.

On today’s show I have one of the Independents that is seeking election. He is author of numerous books, head of the American Party for America and a candidate for President of these United States, Dennis Ball.


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  • The millions of Americans and thousands of organizations have you in a laterally tried to “fix” America to no avail.
    Medori Severi said that unless and until we lay aside our manifold, private agendas and your unit, we will merrily be observers, standing at the bottom of a deep, dark pit wistfully, hoping to save the world, but doing little more than cushioning the fall of patriots pushed in on top of us.

    This is true. Governor Mecham often said “America’s enemies are winning for lack of and organized resistance. This too is true.

    The website at
    Is the only known effort, having the potential to create an organized resistance.

    America’s problem is spiritual. It is right versus wrong. How are humanism versus godly ism. Only one can survive. We either organize a resistance or submit to the global prison known as the new world order.

    The tools needed to organize a resistance our available. It is now a question of whether or not people to do what is right and to use them or to allow America continued down the path leading to this global prison.

    Anyone willing to provide some leadership, Republic restoration and native our urge to contact me.


    Walter Myers
    Author: to tame a tyrant

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