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Tonight, on Victoria’s Voice Grit & Grace is Dr. Vassilios Damiras  is unmatched in his field an expert on foreign policy, counter terrorism and counterintelligence with emphasis on cyber security. You can follow Dr. Damiras here on “The Newscasters” in his own studio.

Houthis Ramp Up Attack Against American Forces in the Red Sea, Houthi rebels claimed responsibility Tuesday for a missile strike on a Norwegian-flagged tanker, reiterating its support for the military campaign against Israel and the United States.

Iran: Hands Off the Houthis on Thursday, Iranian Defense Minister, Mohammad Reza Ashtiani, criticized a proposed multinational task force to safeguard international shipping in the Red Sea.

China’s Crashing Economy Chinese financial system poised to hemorrhage even more foreign cash in 2024, report says that foreign investors are expected to pull $65 billion in capital out of China in 2024 as rising tensions and worry over the country’s economy plague future outlooks, according to a report from the Institute of International Finance

News Gathered from “The Foreign Desk”

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