Victoria’s – Grit and Grace

Personified letters participate in a car race in Cox’s alphabet picture book.

This abecedarian work introduces young readers to the festive activity at the Alphabet Grand Prix, an event where letters with faces race against each other in cars.

In verse using alliteration emphasized by capitalized words, the text describes each participant letter, and an accompanying illustration provides additional details. For instance, the letter B drives a “Brown Buick” and escorts a bluebird and balloons, and an elephant rides on E’s “Electric speedster.” The competition
intensifies as the letters race; for example, as “R’s Roadster Races by so fast, / Like a Rolling ball of fire!” and “S’s
Sportster picks up Speed,” “T Thinks it’s his Time…To make it Through / That checkered finish line.”

The race concludes in an “alphabet photo finish!” This cheerful book offers whimsical elements and includes unusual terms like jalopyand vehicle manufacturer names that car-racing fans will enjoy spotting. The friendly, quirky-looking creatures are appealing,and the text’s tight focus on alphabet concepts offers learning opportunities.

Kinsey’s hand-drawn illustrations use brightcolors and textures, and cleverly detailed spreads include fun elements, such as a jumpsuit-wearing orange tiger whwaves checkered flags. Onomatopoeic words, such as WOOSHand ROAR, also swirl around scenes.
A lively educational book that will particularly appeal to animal and car enthusiasts.

Illustrated by Richard Kinsey. For more information, visit


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