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Following their marching orders, the mainstream media acts as though it’s Biden who wants to secure the border, despite Republicans. It was Joe who undid all of Trump’s border security. Now he wants to sound tough for undecided voters. Baloney. Read all about it.#biden #bordercrisis #migration #2024elections

“The World We Wish” takes the reader inside the stark realities of the Chinese communist system. A fascinating and intriguing story that seems too real to be fiction.

“Americans know something is wrong but have been silenced by political correctness. These characters have a voice.”
—Sean Hannity

If it was guaranteed to make you smarter, would you allow a robotic device to be implanted IN YOUR BRAIN? That’s what Elon Musk’s company is doing. Once AI controls your brain, it tells you what to do, not the other way around. Read about it in my latest book, “Just Another Country.” #artificialintelligence

Of Course They Knew, Of Course They ... By Moody, John By ThriftbooksJohn Moody The World We Wish (Paperback) Just Another Country By Moody, John By Thriftbooks

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