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Victoria’s Voice Grit & Grace Has the pleasure once again to interview Mr. John Moody is an American journalist. He served as the executive editor and the executive vice president of Fox News. He was previously the chief executive officer of NewsCore, the former internal wire service of Rupert Murdoch’s News Corporation (the then-parent company of 20th Century Fox and Fox News), as well as senior vice president, news editorial, for the Fox News Channel prior to that.

This interview on Grit & Grace, Mr. Moody ties his 3 Book Trilogy series on the dangers of China to America. Book one “Of Course They Knew of Course They…” Book two “The World We Wish” and Book three “Just Another Country.”

In Just Another Country, Moody brings an emotionally shattering, politically infuriating conclusion to his fact-based trilogy of China’s relentless attempts to destroy the United States, be it through a deadly virus, an endless wave of illegal immigrants, shipments of fentanyl, or Artificial Intelligence. Worst of all, Chinese AI Bots have acquired emotions and are now turning humans into their slaves.

Moody’s warnings about the decline of the U.S. and China’s escalating threat to the West in his three volumes have been largely borne out in recent years. As Xi Jinping, the iron-fisted leader of the Chinese Communist Party, accelerates his drive for global superiority, naïve, heedless Americans fret over racial hatred, inequality, gender identity, sexual freedom, celebrity singers, TV shows and Donald Trump’s hair. JFK’s famous “Ask not” speech has been turned on its head. In today’s America, E Pluribus Unum has been deformed into Gimme gimme gimme.

Moody presents a parallel, interwoven tale of America’s troubled relations with Mexico and its longstanding failure to control the flood of illegal immigrants along its southern border. With flashbacks to another refugee from the former Soviet Union, it’s clear that no matter the century, no matter the politics, no matter the truth, unless it changes its self-satisfied, self-defeating ways, America risks becoming Just Another Country.


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