Well, if you live in New York, I would find your way out of that state as soon as possible. Especially if you live in New York city. On top of the police department being hamstrung and at its lowest manpower in more than a decade crime is through the roof. New York was one of the harsher states to be in during the pandemic, especially if you worked for the city or state. If you refused to submit to their vaccine requirements, you lost your job. Much to the dismay of the city though, they New York Supreme Court ordered all New York City employees who were fired for not being vaccinated to be reinstated, with back pay in October 2022. The court found that “being vaccinated does not prevent an individual from contracting or transmitting COVID-19.” Mayor Adams claimed earlier in the year that his administration would not rehire employees who had been fired over their vaccination status. Well, I guess he was wrong about that. NYC had fired roughly 1700 employees for being unvaccinated.

So, you would think after taking a hit like that the city would wisen up. But alas, this Rule 2.13 that was struck down in July for violating separation of powers, has been overturned and reinstated. Why did the Appellate Court overturn it you ask? What evidence was they shown that convinced them it was the right rule to have in place for dangerous diseases? None. They overturned it on a technicality claiming the petitioners of the lawsuit lacked standing to bring the case in the first place. Are you kidding me? The petitioners were lawmakers George Borello, Mike Lawler and Assemblyman Christopher Tague, all Republicans. If they don’t have the standing to bring a lawsuit like this for the people, then who does? This ruling essentially sets “a precedent to preclude citizens from rightfully challenging government overreach in court, and they’ve effectively unconstitutionally empowered the Executive Branch to overreach into policymaking, which is a decision that could open the door to further abuses of power.” Gee, ya think?  We the People have every right to challenge government overreach in court. And if not you or I as an individual, then most definitely through our elected officials who represent us and our interests in government. This court is completely out of line, corrupt. So, when it comes to the government locking you in your home or taking you away to a quarantine facility, you have no say so whatsoever. You have no recourse; you can’t challenge the states “authority.” Does that sound like freedom to you? Does that sound like America? Does that sound like a violation of your rights? Seems pretty clear to me.

The government for the last few years seems hell bent on enacting as much control over us as possible and this rule is no exception. In fact, it’s one of the most blatant abuses of power I’ve seen in some time. Essentially it allows the New York Department of Health and all local health departments, during what they deem to be a deadly communicable disease outbreak to quarantine you in your home or take you somewhere else to be quarantined for an amount of time they will determine. It orders doctors and hospitals to report anyone who show symptoms of illness or POSSIBLE symptoms of illness to report you. If a physician discovers a case or SUSPECTED case, you must be isolated immediately, and the physician must report to the State Department of Health. It orders them to report your medical information to the Department of Health and track you. It orders all labs conducting tests to report ALL results; positive, negative, undetermined to the commissioner. It orders landlords, hotel and motel managers and heads of households to also report anyone sick in their home or business to the Department of Health. You are subject to civil and criminal penalties, daily, if you fail to comply. You can be quarantined if you’ve been in contact or around someone who’s been sick or COULD BE sick. This is all based on the “best available evidence of transmissibility.” It authorizes the use of law enforcement to enforce these orders. Read the full order in this PDF:

Investigation of Communicable Disease. New York Codes, Rules and Regulations 

I mean we saw how all that went with Covid. The old “best available information” routine. They can say whatever they want. And as much as they wanted to claim the government doctors were right, we know they weren’t and there were just as many dissenting doctors who were suppressed or fined or fired for speaking out. The ignorance of our government to ignore natural immunity, which has never been ignored in the past and has always been viewed as the best method of fighting diseases like this. Also pretending there were no existing medicines that could be used against this disease. Oh, and your rights? Ya, it talks a little about your rights, it reads pretty similar to your Miranda warning if you’re arrested. The public health authority will inform a “reasonable” number of persons of the conditions of the isolation or quarantine order: A statement that the person has the right to seek judicial review of the order; A statement that the person has the right to legal counsel, and that if the person is unable to afford legal counsel, counsel will be appointed upon request. Of course, how and when that review would take place is left up to your imagination. This is all perpetrated by the “my body, my choice” crowd. I guess that’s the case when they want it to be. Otherwise, they are fully allowed to violate your rights as they see fit and have been doing so for several years now.

This is coming again. Right now, a mystery pneumonia is sweeping through China affecting mostly children (see my article here). This is the same way Covid started. It quietly swept through China, of course it wasn’t specific to kids, and then made its way across the world. I think we’ll start seeing cases of this pop up in other countries soon. I hope you’re preparing now for that. For re-visiting all the shutdowns and mandates they can’t wait to enact on us.

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