Pax Americana under a Political Chaos


Vassilios Damiras, Ph.D.

International Relations Expert

The USA faces severe political chaos. President Biden is mentally sick, and his progressive advisers impose a woke agenda in foreign and domestic policies. American enemies such as Russia, China, and Iran understand the political situation in the USA. Putin tries to influence the various conservative movements in Europe and the USA via the internet.

He wants to appear as the defender of the Western Civilization and Christianity. Putin understands that the USA is weak right now under Biden. Putin’s strategy is to dethrone the USA as a superpower.

Thus, he executed the ill-fated Russian invasion of Ukraine. China presses its interests in the South China Sea and Central and South America. Even China and Iran have approached the Panamanian government to allow them to station military personnel. China has sent soldiers in civilian clothes to Panama. Iran, via its proxies, tries to destabilize the Middle East and Israel.

Hamas, Hezbollah, and Houthis are Iranian puppets that execute the Iranian murderous policies. Lately, the Houthis have undermined the Red Sea and Persian Gulf maritime corridors. President Trump, who is running to regain the White House, appears assertive in foreign policy.

However, his phraseology shows he prefers leaders like Putin and dislikes NATO. President Trump must demonstrate that he is willing to defeat the enemies of the USA.

The USA is the last hope for global peace, prosperity, freedom, and liberty.


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