The WA Supreme Court has decided a convicted sex offender, one who during one of his multiple arrests, sent explicit images to what he thought was a 14-year-old. Turned out to be a cop and he got arrested. The court said he had a rough childhood and deserves another chance. Typical WA, criminals are the victims. Now this one gets to be a lawyer. Other states turned him down but not here.

SB6316: New tolls for SR 520. That will last 24 years after completion of the construction work, they intend to fund.

SB2099: ID or drivers licenses for DOC inmates and illegals in DOC custody. Fully paid for by DOC, well with your taxes.

SB6069: WA Saves. A State sponsored, mandatory participation retirement savings account – unless you already pay into a retirement account. Any private business with at least 1 employee must participate.

SB1391: Statewide Building Energy Upgrade Program. As long as you are going to or have electrical. Upgrades for natural gas or fossil fuel? Not allowed. Oh and no federal funding for you anymore even though federal funding explicitly allows for that.

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